At Wise we continue to lead the way in a dynamic seniors living market. It has never been more important to work with industry experts- Work with Wise.

Everything we do at Wise provides your business with accurate and unbiased data, industry insights and actionable ideas to drive your project further.

Wise Proprietary Tools

Wise Proprietary Tools have been designed to meet the unique and evolving business needs of our industry. Our suite of innovative methodologies, systems and software solutions merge multiple data sources to provide accurate and reliable market insights.

Wise Market Analytics

Built exclusively for the Aged Care and Retirement industry, Wise Market Analytics is the fusion of location intelligence with key industry data. Multiple data sources are dynamically mapped to visually demonstrate catchments, population concentrations, hot spots and competitor locations.

Wise Market Analytics enables the intuitive use of data and unlocks the relationship between demographics, competitors and location potential. It also provides a detailed understanding of the demographic attributes within specific catchments.

Wise Market Analytics can support your next project by delivering market size calculations, customer segmentation and site potential reporting. We can create customised reports to suit any business or project requirement.

Wise Data Vault

Unparalleled competitive insights has meant that Wise has built one of the most comprehensive data bases within our industry. We provide information on competitors, products, accommodation pricing and specification, amenities, service provision, sales literature, pipeline developments, marketing strategies, resident profiles and contract terms.

We utilise both primary and secondary data sources- secret shopping is a part of our everyday business and how we provide a such a high calibre of accurate competitive intelligence to our customers.

The Wise Data Vault can support your next project by providing comprehensive competitive analysis. A clear understanding of the competition across all applications is a critical component for market success.

Wise Pricing Optimiser

Price is very simply, the value that an organisation provides to its customers in exchange for delivery of a product or a service.  In the case of seniors living, this exchange is inherently more complex as the ‘value’ includes not only an initial new home purchase which in itself is significant, but it is also heavily influenced by a number of tangible and intangible factors that vary by village operator, time, location and customer. 

Optimising your accommodation pricing to balance value with returns can have a huge and immediate impact on your profitability and its influence on your village’s occupancy is arguably one of the most important aspects of village operations.

The Wise Pricing Optimiser focusses on ensuring your village pricing represents the unique value you provide within your market conditions and against your competitive alternatives. We work to maximise your income potential and ensure that a robust pricing model is developed to guide your future resale pricing.