Research and Advisory

Gain competitive market leading insights and expert advice to ensure a solid foundation for success.

At Wise agency, our approach to research and analysis is renowned. We get to the heart of your development’s unique offering, with a system that reveals the critical information necessary to attract customers and create communities.

Experts in seniors living, we combine multiple data sources with years of industry experience to provide the most accurate and reliable view of the market.

Our in-depth analysis identifies the key performance drivers within our industry. We make it our business to design customised commercial strategies that leverage off the opportunities and mitigate the threats for your projects. We identify the areas with the potential to expand and the markets that can be targeted for growth.

Wise provides critical insights and timely access to market share, size and forecasts. Our viability studies provide an objective assessment of consumers, competitors, categories and products.

In addition to our comprehensive research tools, we implement focus groups, secret shopping strategies, interactive events and ongoing discussions to ensure your project satisfies the needs of the community and fulfils any gaps in the market.

Our research and advisory services include:

Development DNA: Your secret to market success

Development DNA is biology for retirement living. It’s the unique genetic code of a village, defining everything from how it looks, functions and performs to the customers it attracts and the community it creates. In our competitve industry, it’s never been more important. For a village to thrive, it needs to understand how it’s DNA will set it apart; to grow a strong and vibrant community by matching accomodation, pricing and attributes to local customers’ needs.

The Wise Agency’s Development DNA model will help you discover the opportunities that will ensure that you deliver the perfect product, market and customer fit, disrupt the status quo and achieve stunning market success.

With Development DNA you can:

Secret Shopper: Insights that help you stay a step ahead

Understanding your competitors is crucial to success and we give you an insider’s view.

With Secret Shopper you can:

“Lisa and her team provide data with valuable market insights that provide true clients with true meaning and direction. When you overlap that with Lisa’s industry experience, you get so much more than just a research report. We highly recommend Lisa and her team.”

Aliccia Azzimi | National Manager, Development Marketing
Lendlease Retirement Living