Marketing & Advertising

Ensuring that your project stands out with engaging marketing strategies and inspired advertising that resonates with your customer.

From evocative copy to emotive ad campaigns, our innate understanding of marketing and advertising strategy will help you convert your project to sales. Our team encompasses a stable of talented creative professionals who collaborate with research and sales specialists to create strategies and campaigns.

Our marketing and advertising services include:

Value Propositions

Arguably the most important aspect of any marketing strategy –  your value proposition is key to articulating your competitive advantage, articulating why a customer should choose your village and not anyone else’s. 

The ‘value’ you communicate is a critical factor in your conversion success. A compelling value proposition could mean the difference between closing a sale, and losing it. It is critical to grab the customer’s attention and encourage them to read more about your product, rather than hit the back button. It creates a meaningful differentiation between you and your competitors. If you are able to succinctly convey exactly what your product does, how it is right for that customer and why they should buy it in a way that your competitors can’t match.

The Wise Agency work with your team to help articulate a strong value proposition for your community that will form the basis of and underpin all of your sales, marketing and product development efforts. 

Co-creation Focus Groups

Allowing your customers to provide input and co-create a service experience to suit their needs is an investment that can provide both mutual value and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Co-creation groups provide a qualitative method of data collection that can simultaneously assess feasibility, optimise design, meet the needs of your customers and support the success of your project.

The techniques used provide a structured and measured process that engages small groups of stakeholders who are carefully selected, demographically aligned and focused on a specific topic. Co-creation focus groups provide the ability to elicit feedback and direction, gain insights and an understanding around customer lifestyles, perceptions and unmet needs that can prove to be invaluable.

Particularly within the seniors living market the use of group interaction and dynamics allows participants to respond to questions, digest information and consider the implications of the concepts raised. Co-creation focus groups also provide a constructive environment where people can respond to the other participants ideas in relation to new products, designs, developments, plans and services.

At Wise Agency we can leverage co-creation focus groups to provide feedback from local catchments and test development concepts. Within ongoing projects we can gain relevant insights that can assist with further stages. Similarly we can evaluate your advertising, marketing and branding.

Our Co-creation focus group services include:


“Baldwin Care Group has engaged Wise Agency for general market research and during due diligence on retirement assets. The research and analysis of demographics and competitors, provided to management was comprehensive and timely in delivery. We would definitely utilise Wise Agency for future market research. Lisa’s knowledge and contacts in the RL industry ensures that market information is balanced and reflective of our niche industry.”  

Paul Burkett | Chief Executive Officer
Baldwin Care Group ​